UAN Status online

EPF UAN Status: How to Check UAN Status Online?

Universal Account Number or UAN is a unique code designed to assist holders of an Employee Provident Fund Account. The UAN helps connect employees with their Provident Fund Accounts, enabling them to check the current status of their EPF account (EPF UAN Status). UAN has been introduced by the Indian Government to help a salaried employee keep track of all his EPF accounts in the case of job-hopping within. The concept arises from the fact that the young individuals today frequently change jobs within a span of 2-3 years. This means that multiple EPF account will be allotted to a single individual. In order to manage these multiple accounts and generate profitable results, UAN was introduced. UAN is technically a single account number that will interconnect multiple account identities associated with a single salaried employee. Thus managing the EPF accounts, checking status and withdrawals will become easier.

UAN Status online

How Can UAN Be Attained?

UAN helps centralize the EPF details of an employee. It will be of great assistance when an employee changes job. On a change of job, the UAN number has to be given to the new employer to link the new EPF account to the previous one. That way employees will not be insecure regarding the existing account and will not make any withdrawal from the previous account. Thus all EPF accounts are clubbed together by a single ID. In order to attain your UAN number, here are the following steps:

  • UAN is a number provided to all salaried employees when their EPF account commences.
  • Initially, the UAN details will be conveyed to employers who are responsible for providing the details to all their employees.
  • Employees can check whether a UAN has been allotted to them on the EPF UAN portal.
  • Employees can also download the EPF app for better flexibility and management.
  • After receiving the details of UAN from the employer, employees can log into the official EPFO services portal online. There the option “Activate UAN based Registration” has to be clicked. Then the details received from the employer has to be entered. The details you need to enter are member name, member’s date of birth, mobile number, password, confirmation of password and verification captcha.
  • Then a PIN will be generated for authorizing the mobile number. After number verification, login id and password can be created. This will be the permanent user ID to log in and access UAN status details. More details about checking the UAN status online will be stated further in this article.

All information linked to the UAN card like previous EPF member IDs and other personal details need to be updated in the portal.

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Check UAN Status Online

Universal Account Number status can be checked online on the official UAN/EPF portal. The primary requirement is the unique EPF member ID. Here are the steps to follow:

  • On the EPFO status official website, first select your regional office from the menu provided.
  • Two PF account details will be filled automatically after which you need to enter the account number, the extension code, and the establishment code. In case the extension code option does not appear, you can keep it a blank field.
  • Then click on the button that says “Check Status”. This action will redirect you online and tell you whether a Universal Account Number (UAN) has been allotted to you.
  • If the message given to you reads “Your Universal Account Number” has been allotted for “Your Member ID,” it is a confirmation of your existing UAN number and account.

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Checking UAN Status Issues: FAQ’s

What is a UAN Card?

A UAN card is the unique card which contains all UAN details like the UAN number, employee ID and other bank or KYC details.

How to connect new PF accounts with old ones?

To link your old EPF account to the new one by adding necessary details, you have to log in to the online EPFO portal and make the transfer. After that, you must check the status of the transfer.

How to resolve the confusion is allotted more than one Universal Account Number?

If UAN submissions were done incorrectly with the concerned employer, this problem of multiple UANs would occur. In that case, the employer and EPF helpdesk must be contacted immediately. Both the UANs must be provided and verified. Then after the verification process is complete, one of the UAN is blocked while the other is kept active.

How to change personal details information in EPF ID card in case of any error?

To change any personal details like an error in name, date of birth or any other information, the EPF helpdesk has to be contacted. Then all the necessary documents need to be submitted to the employing organization to make the necessary changes.