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UAN Login Problem: Mobile Changed, How To Reset Password

Many of the users face UAN login problem because they have changed their number and they want to rest the UAN login password which they do not have any idea how to do. This article is to help those people who are facing issues with UAN login.

The introduction of the UAN portal has made managing PF funds a hassle free procedure for all account holders. It enables a user to check the PF account balance, transfer PF funds, verify the status of funds transfer and check the passbook linked to PF account. With everyone depending on the UAN portal, there is no requirement of regularly checking it. Sometimes this can lead to an individual forgetting the UAN login password. It is easy to reset a password on a normal basis. The password can be reset using the UAN number and the registered mobile number. Basically, a user applies for the new password using the “forget password” option. The OTP or link to recover the password is sent to the registered mobile number. But what about a scenario where a subscriber has lost or changed the mobile number? Change of mobile number plus forgotten password created a problematic scenario as the helpline was inactive previously. But now the EPFO website has been modified to redirect to the UAN helpdesk which will allow a user to reset the password if required. Thus in the case of mobile number change password can be changed using the link from EPFO self-service portal.

EPFO contact number

Reset Password Online Using UAN Helpdesk

The password can be reset without the availability of active registered mobile number via the EPFO online portal. The steps to be followed are as follows:

  • EPFO has two sections: employers and employees. Under the employee section, you can access the option “UAN Helpdesk“. On clicking the option you will be redirected to the main helpdesk page.
  • The helpdesk page will consist of a drop-down menu. On clicking on it several issues that can be possibly faced by a user will be listed down. For resetting the password without mobile number click on the option “RESET PASSWORD WITHOUT MOBILE“.
  • Then you will be further redirected to a new page where a form is displayed. In the form you have to enter the following details: name, father’s name, date of birth, the member ID for your PF account, new mobile number and the problem in detail.
  • An OTP will be sent to your new registered mobile number for verification purposes. After entering the OTP you can submit the form.
  • On submission, a unique application ID will be generated. Note it down and keep it properly for future reference if required. After resolving the issue raised by you, the EPFO portal will forward the new login password to your new mobile number.

UAN Password Reset Offline By Registering The New Mobile Number

This process follows the concept that since your mobile number is a primary requirement to reset the password, the old number can be replaced. Thus the new mobile number has to be registered. The process of registering a new number has to be enabled and approved by your current employer. You have to write an application addressed to your employer and state your problem. Request your employer to approve the registration for the changed mobile number. Get the approval via a formal attestation and submit it to the PF office that holds your account. The submission can be done through the employer or via speed post. After a period of 15 days, you will get a notification on your new mobile number that it has been registered. Then you can use the UAN number and the newly registered mobile number to reset your password.

Please note you may find that the UAN portal is not loading and you are not able to login. If that is the case, please visit the UAN Login page, and drop a comment below. We will notify you as soon as the UAN login portal is up and running.

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  1. Hello,
    The epfo link is not working and i am not able to login by the user id and password . Kindly assist I have to withdraw my PF amount and for that i need my UAN card with KYC . Kindly assit. I need to raised the grievance against this side for my login Kindly cntact me as soon as possible

    1. Hi Bhakti? Was your problem solved? Are you still not been able to login to the new URN portal?

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