Should you buy Bitcoin at 5 Lakh INR

As much as I am optimistic, and I want Bitcoin to grow, I really want Bitcoin to correct. With the current hype, I am sure many will be losing their money.

I am not trying to create any fear, guys. I want the Bitcoin community to grow. What I do not want is the people losing out their hard earned money because of the current market situation.

People are thinking to take loans and invest at the current price. Well, this is not the right time.
Do not let the FOMO take over your emotions. BITCOIN is going to the MOON, certainly! But, if it actually happens, will that be a matter whether you bought it at 5L or 7L? No, right?

If we correct from here and go to 4L level, I would not stop you. But at the current level, think twice before investing your hard-earned money.

Now, with so much of forks happening and confusion in the market, this certainly is not a good time. But will you not be missing if the price hikes from here? Certainly, you will. You also missed when BTC went from 2.2L to 5L, did not you?

Buy Bitcoin. Invest in Bitcoin. But not because of the FOMO. Invest in the community. Invest when you think people are in fear, not when everyone is excited. Not when BTC is at all-time high. Be a smart investor.

Again, this is my personal opinion guys. You can do whatever you want. I just thought to share. 🙂

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