download UAN passbook

How To Download UAN Passbook

India is becoming the second fastest economy for valid reasons. Making the saving or provident schemes convenient for people is one of the key reasons for success. For instance, people had to withdraw EPF balances when switching to new jobs. But today, one can transfer the previous balance to new EPF account without any complication.

With new advancements, EPFO is providing online updates about current EPF balances by issuing EPF UAN Passbook!

If you have no prior knowledge about e-passbook, don’t worry about it. We are here to help!

download UAN passbook

UAN Passbook Online

Please don’t be afraid of the word online. The process of doing anything online is much easier than offline method. Same applies to EPF Passbook!

EPF UAN Passbook refers to an online e-passbook of an employee’s provident fund details. It includes information about each and every EPF transaction made in past. So, that you can have insights about your current EPF balance. We need such info when making withdrawal or transfer of EPF balance.

Procedure To Download UAN EPF Passbook

Basically, this method involves downloading UAN Passbook from UAN portal. Before we jump into the main topic, let’s briefly talk about UAN.

UAN stands for Universal Account Number. EPFO is the issuing authority of UAN. Every employee receives unique ID number from the different establishment. The idea behind UAN was to create a unique ID number that can be used by the employer for all employees. This thing comes handy when one needs to join a new job. He/she simply has to submit UAN to a new employer, so that previous EPF balance can be transferred to new PF account. Isn’t cool!

Whether you are making transfer or withdrawal, you need to be sure of current EPF balance. There are multiple ways to check the balance. Using is the UAN portal to download EPF passbook is the highlighted method.

For quick understanding, we have explained all necessary steps in detail:

        • You can simply log in using UAN & password if you registered your UAN online.
        • From the menu Download, click on the Download Passbook to get UAN Passbook online.

The process of downloading the e-passbook is not difficult if UAN is registered. The registration is pretty simple. For your convenience, here are the essential steps:

        • Once you get the UAN from the employer, please visit the official website of EPFO services.
        • On the site, please choose Activate UAN based registration.
        • You have to submit details like UAN, mobile number, and member ID.
        • On successful submission, the system will send the PIN to your mobile number for verification. You have to enter the PIN to complete the registration.
        • Next, you will be asked to create a password.
        • Now you can simply log in using UAN and password.

Once registration is complete, you can log in to UAN portal anytime, anywhere.

PF Statement

The digitization has made everything easier. In past, we had to do hassle for getting even a minor info related to EPF account. Today, within few clicks, you can download the PF statement using the UAN portal. Generally, employers and employees receive yearly PF statement. But in case you need to look at the current transaction, you can simply access the statement via UAN site. Not only you get the details about EPF balance, but also all insights about current and past contribution transactions. Good news is, you can check the current interest rate and interest earned too!

Advantages Of UAN Member Passbook

        • UAN portal gives you facility of checking the account details anywhere, anytime. You can check monthly and yearly transactions using UAN Passbook. But always remember, this e-passbook contains the only transaction after digitization. If you need access to previous transactions, please visit EPFO office.
        • You can update your information as an employee in EPFO records using UAN portal.
        • One can handle multiple PF accounts using UAN.
        • You don’t need to visit EPFO office for making the online payment or PF passbook. Everything related to EPF is possible using UAN portal.

Conclusion About UAN Passbook

The word online symbolizes convenience. No one wants to wait for hours standing in a queue just to know the PF balance. Thanks to UAN Passbook, one can get all necessary details easily using UAN portal. The only hassle requires here is the registration of UAN that you receives from an employer. Once it is done, you can simply log in to UAN portal to enjoy all online facilities!

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