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EPFO Helpdesk: Know UAN Provident Fund Online

EPFO helpdesk had been launched by the official EPFO web portal to resolve any queries regarding the PF account held by an individual. The EPFO helpdesk has been designed for all users having an active EPFO and UAN account, as well as having dormant PF accounts. The services offered by the helpdesk caters to both employers and employees. Mostly this portal was introduced to avoid the huge number of dormant accounts that remained inoperative due to employees changing jobs. Thus a huge sum of money remained in these dormant accounts without being claimed. EPFO introduced its online service and helpdesk to eliminate these accounts by launching a proper financial management mechanism.

EPFO contact number

Benefits Of EPFO Helpdesk

Employees’ Provident Fund or EPF is a retirement scheme specially designed for employees of a private fund to enable them to receive an annuitized pension post the completion of their employment. It provides an excellent financial security and assures good returns. Initially, when the EPF system started, it was a complicated procedure especially when individuals opted for a change in job. This is because transferring PF funds was a complicated procedure that required a lengthy Form 13 to be attested by the previous employer and sent to the current employer via post. The procedure was liable to misplacement risks and was inconvenient regarding flexibility. This is why the EPF portal was launched.

Operating using the EPFO portal was simple and flexible. Starting from managing all accounts to transferring funds in a hassle free manner, EPFO was a self-service portal with many benefits. Its helpdesk guided all employees about the steps they had to follow to get the relevant account operation done as per requirement.

EPFO Helpdesk For Dormant or Inoperative PF Accounts

The EPFO helpdesk was launched for unused monetary assets approximating up to 27000 crore INR lying in dormant PF accounts. A dormant or inoperative PF account is one which has not seen any transaction or activity continuously for three years. Usually, PF Accounts become inoperative when an individual changes job. This is because the details of the previous employee are not accessed, and another account has been opened with the new employing organisation. An inoperative account is not liable to receive any interest on the dormant funds since 2011.

EPFO helpdesk for inoperative accounts had been separately launched for individuals to track their previously collected dormant funds. After proper tracking and activation of the previous account, it can be merged with the existing account or UAN account. Also, there is a provision of transferring funds from the previous account to the new one using the EPFO portal or the UAN portal.

The web address for EPFO inoperative helpdesk is:

After going to the above address click on “First Time User” and fill the required form.

Then log in and fill all the fields whose details are available with you. Verify all the details to enable proper operation. Before you apply in this portal, the pre-requisite is an active UAN. Thus make sure you activate your UAN from the UAN portal. Also if any query comes to your mind your inoperative account, contact your employer for settlement of funds. You can claim your PF funds or withdraw the amount from the dormant account if required.

EPFO Helpdesk For UAN Portal

Apart from the Inoperative Account Helpdesk, EPFO also provides a UAN helpdesk. This helpdesk will redirect the user to guide them through all UAN related operations. After logging in you can submit all queries or complaints you might have regarding your PF funds account. The Helpdesk URL for UAN Helpdesk is as follows:

Queries can be resolved over the phone by contacting the toll-free number 1800118005. All queries regarding PF accounts or your Unique Identification Number can be managed by the helpdesk if you drop a query. After dropping in your queries, you can resolve them by following the steps as given by the helpdesk. The problems can be solved after logging in to the self-service UAN portal using the relevant login id and password.

EPFO Helpdesk Phone Number – 1800118005

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