EPF Forms: Download Employees Provident Fund Forms Online

The Indian Government is keenly making efforts to flourish spirit of saving among people. Not only they launched retirement plans for every class of the population, but also made the process of registration and withdrawal so convenient. Whether you are a subscriber of a pension plan or employee provident fund, you can perform any action without visiting the office.

Download EPF Forms

This post is mainly focused on EPF forms needed for making a claim, registration or withdrawal. The most amazing thing is that you can download the forms online from EPF official website. Now, getting the EPF forms is no issue. You just need to understand, for what case you need which form! And that’s why we are here!

EPF form

Let’s get started!

EPF Withdrawal Form Download

Commonly, people face problems while dealing with EPF. And the most obvious reason is having no clue about EPF forms. You may need to register or want to make the withdrawal. Now, a question is what form is required for particular activity. So, let’s check them all to clear your doubts!

Form 31

Generally, no one can make premature EPF withdrawals. As this scheme is focused on retirement savings.But in special conditions, premature withdrawals are allowed. And for this, you need to download EPF Form 31.

  • This form is valid in following circumstances:
  • To buy a plot of land for residential purposes
  • To build or purchase a residential household
  • To rebuild or renovate the household
  • To repay the residential loan
  • To reimburse the medical treatment expenditure
  • To finance the wedding
  • To fund the education
  • Withdrawal before retirement
  • Withdrawal when establishment has been shut download

Form 14

An EPF subscriber can fund the LIC policy using the EPF account. For this service, you need Form 14. But following conditions should be fulfilled:

  • The subscriber must have completed two years of services
  • The subscriber has to declare that account balance is sufficient to make premium payments for next two years.
  • One more thing, the premiums will be cut off from employee’s contribution only!

Form 10D

If you are over 58 years and have finished ten years of service, use Form 10D to fund pension scheme. You can make a claim for following schemes:

  • Orphan pension
  • Disablement pension
  • Widow & Children pension
  • Superannuation pension
  • Reduced pension
  • Nominee pension
  • Dependent Pension

Form 10C

The EPF subscriber can enjoy withdrawal benefits under EPS using Form 10C. Of course, it is possible when:

  • Employee is over 58 years but didn’t finish ten years of services
  • Employee didn’t finish ten years of service before the age of 58 years
  • Employee who has done ten years of service, below age of 58 years, before discounting the employment
  • Employee aged between 50-58 years, done ten years of service, but don’t want to choose reduced pension
  • The family or nominee can ask for claim in case of deceased employees, who had completed ten years of service, after turning 58 years
  • The employee who has been a member for 180 days of moreover

Form 13

When you switch to the new job, you can transfer the previous EPF balance to new account via Form 13!

Form 19

The subscriber can claim final settlement via Form 19 in following cases:

  • Retirement
  • Resignation, but hasn’t joined any other organization; that is clear for EPF scheme
  • Discharged from the organization or establishment with compensation ( Industrial Dispute Act, 1947)
  • Retrenchment
  • Emigration to abroad

The subscriber has to wait for two months in the case of discharge or resignation.

Form 20

If an employee has died, the family or nominee is eligible to make a claim for final settlement via Form 20.

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How To Withdraw PF With EPF Withdrawal Form?

Precisely, you can make EPF withdrawal using EPF Forms in two different ways. For quick understanding, we will discuss both!

Old EPF Withdrawal Method

Before we jump to the main topic, let’s talk about PF briefly. You need to understand PF is the combo of EPF and EPS (Employee Pension Scheme). As you learned in above section, for EPF withdrawal, use Form 19. For pension claim, you need Form 10C. For advance withdrawal, Form 31 is valid. The point is, you must know which type of withdrawal you are making!

Things You Need

Provident Fund account number

Bank Account Number

Joining Date

Leaving Date


  • First off, you need to visit HD section of your establishment. Don’t forget to take a copy of cheque.
  • From HR department, you can get Form 19, 10C or 10D, according to the case. Similarly, you can also ask for joining or leaving date.
  • Fill the fields with required details and submit the form.
  • After attestation, the HR department will forward the form to regional PF office.
  • After a month, EPFO will release the withdrawal amount once verification is done. One more thing, it will be direct transfer you bank account.

New EPF Withdrawal Process

The new process involves a use of UAN. Because of the universal account number, verification from employer’s end is not needed anymore.

You can claim EPF balance by following these steps:

  • Visit the EPFO’s official website (epfindia.com),
  • Tap on “Miscellaneous > Downloads > Claim Forms”. You need to click on forms having UAN in their names.
  • From Employee’s Pension Scheme, you can get Form 10C. Tap in EPF Scheme for Form 19 & 31.
  • Unlike physical forms, these online forms ask for a couple of necessary details. Keep the UAN and register mobile number with you.
  • You must enter the correct information that matches UAN details.
  • Now forward these EPF Forms to regional PF manager.
  • After verification, EPFO will release the EPF balance!

Conclusion About EPF Forms

Hopefully, we satisfied your queries about EPF Forms. By now, you must have analyzed your case and clear about which form is needed! For further questions, please comment below!