EPF forms

Which Claim Form To Submit For Your EPF

EPF claim form is a formality required to be conducted in case PF account balance needs to be withdrawn. The EPF claim is subject to various terms and conditions, and thus at withdrawal time, the specific form needs to be filled with specific situations. One of the adverse financial effects of closing an EPF account before the tenure of 5 years if necessary is taxation. Thus during active employment period, it is not an advisable option to withdraw the EPF account and claim funds. Instead, PF funds must be transferred from one account to another.

EPF forms

Types Of Claim Forms Under EPF And Their Specific Purposes

Whenever an EPF claim is applied for, various forms are involved, each for a specific reason. To apply for a withdrawal of EPF funds the appropriate claim form must be known. Here are the list of EPF forms and their claim purposes. If any individual is to claim EPF funds, this will guide them regarding the specific form they have to submit.

  • Form 10C: This form is related to the EPS (Employees’ Pension Scheme). In a case when benefits funds need to be claimed from the EPS, this form is to be filled.
  • Form 10D: This is the form for claiming the complete EPS money.
  • Form 13: This form is to be used for transferring PF funds from the previous account to the new one. Usually, this form is used when an individual switches jobs.
  • Form 14: This is to claim PF funds in order to invest part of financial assets into life insurance.
  • Form 19: When a PF account has matured and is being finally withdrawn by an individual with all settlements complete, then this form is used.
  • Form 20: This claim form has to be considered in a case where the nominated individual or heir is claiming the PF funds. It happens only on the demise of the primary account holder.
  • Form 31: This form is to claim a temporary withdrawal from PF funds in the case of an emergency recognized under the Employees’ Provident Scheme.
  • Form 51F: This is a claim form to be filled by the heir or the chosen nominee to be allowed to withdraw PF funds in case of death of the primary account holder. It is a form declared when a nominee is chosen or for the immediate heir.

Claim forms may be subject to other terms and conditions as set by the employing organization of a salaried individual. Also, there may be some mandatory formalities in the Bank procedures regarding EPF claim forms. Thus before applying for a claim, every bit of information should be known by an individual and all doubts regarding this matter should be clarified.

Online EPF Claim: Through EPFO Portal

The online EPFO portal has served its purpose and made PF funds management easy for every individual with an account. So instead of going through the complicated procedure of physical form filling and submission, it can all be done online. Currently, PF balance can be checked online along with viewing and downloading the EPF passbook. But other claim form withdrawals are soon to be implemented via the online method. Among the claim forms, the Form 13 for PF funds transfer is available for operation online as the transfer of financial assets are conducted online by individuals nowadays. Also, the Aadhar card can be linked to the PF account which will make other processing options easy.

How To Check EPF Claim Form Status Online

When an individual has applied for a claim form and has submitted it after going through all the protocols related the form, the processing takes time. Thus to be informed about the EPF claim status, an individual can go for the online option. The EPF claimed can be checked under “PF Withdrawal” of the EPFO self-service online portal. Following are the details required to check EPF claim status:

  • The EPFO office center
  • The establishment number of the salaried individual who has applied for the claim.
  • The extension code of the salaried employee. The extension code is not available sometimes. In that case, leave the field blank.
  • The PF account number of the salaried individual