EPF Balance: PF Balance Status Inquiry

Get familiar with multiple ways to check EPF Balance!

For a salaried person, a provident fund seems to be the most profitable financial investment for so many reasons. For instance, it is non-volatile investment option with handsome returns. Moreover, both employee and employer contribute towards this retirement corpus. And the best part, you are the only beneficiary here!

Talking about India, the Employee Provident Fund is the most popular saving schemes among salaried or fixed income personalities. This retirement corpus comes with attractive tax benefits. Interest earned on the funds parked in your EPF account is absolutely tax-free, so is the EPF balance!

Your landing on this page indicates that you are  EPF account holder. You just want to know the status of your EPF balance, and that’s why you made the entry here!

A few years back, getting the insights about EPF account was not easy. You would need tons of forms and had to stand up for hours in EPFO centers just to know your EPF balance.

Fortunately, the authorities realized the frustration of millions of EPF account holders. In 2013, a web portal for online inquiry of EPF fund balance was launched. The main objective was to provide ease to EPF subscribers. Now, you can have instant access to any information related to the provident fund.

Good news is, there are multiple ways to check EPF balance status. You can do it via the online portal, SMS, missed call, UAN portion or EPF balance App, etc. It means, if one medium is not working, you can try rest of them!

For you convenience, I am going to explain each method step by step in this guide!

I am sure you must have in-depth knowledge about EPF. But for newbies or first timers, let’s briefly talk about Employee Provident Fund!

Overview Of Employee Provident Fund (EPF)

EPF scheme was introduced to promote a spirit of saving among employees across India. Precisely, EPF refers to the retirement corpus. Unlike conventional saving schemes, both employee and employer are obliged to pay monthly EPF contributions.

Although, both parties are acting as contributors, but the employee is the sole beneficiary here! You will earn the interest on your balance. That’s why EPF balance gets compounded. Good new is, you don’t have pay tax on either interest or balance! Now you get it why most people prefer this retirement scheme!

Why invest in EPF? EPF Benefits

We are not done yet! EPF has a lot of charms which are as follows!

Tax-Free Earnings

You don’t have to pay a single penny of tax on the interest earned on EPF balance. In fact, if you withdraw the corpus after five years, that will be tax-free! But in the case of pre-mature withdrawal, you need to empty your pocket for tax deductions under section 80C of Income Tax Act, 1956!

Financial Security

Your funds are locked down for a certain time period. So, savings is ensured! After maturity, the amount collected will come handy after retirement. When you need the money desperately in the case of emergencies, you can have them via pre-mature withdrawals!

Loss Of Income

EPF will save you in special cases when you are unemployed. In the case of resignation, you can withdraw your corpus after two months. The compounded amount will be transferred to the legal heirs if the subscriber has died. Sometimes, the employee cannot work due to disability, but EPF is here to help. When you’ve been discharged from work, use your corpus to compensate the income gap!

Long-Term Investment

Employee Provident Fund is an ideal option if you into long term investments!

Pension & Insurance

Technically, EPF is the trio of provident fund, pension, and insurance. Under the Act, you’re eligible to contribute towards pension & insurance too apart from PF!

Universal Access

You may need to switch your job for the sake of better opportunities. But don’t worry about the provident fund, because you can access it using Universal Account Number!

EPF Balance Enquiry Methods – EPF Account Status Check

Let’s move to the real matter. Today, you don’t have to wait for annual PF slips or go to EPFO offices. Because you have multiple alternate and instant ways to check the EPF balance.

EPF balance inquiry is possible with following seven methods:

  • Monthly Update Via SMS
  • Get EPF Passbook From UAN Portal
  • Get EPF Passbook From Member Portal
  • Enquiry Via Missed Call
  • Inquiry Via SMS
  • EPF Mobile App
  • Check EPF Balance Online

Monthly Update Via SMS

Because of UAN, it is easier to get EPF balance status instantly. Every EPF subscriber will get a unique number known as Universal Account Number. It will remain the same no matter how many jobs you have changed. This is the reason, why you can have access to older EPF balance after joining the new job.

With the help of UAN, you will receive the update about EPF balance on a regular basis. Once you have activated the UAN, you will get an SMS about your contribution & current balance details on a monthly basis. The best part, it is an automated process. You will receive this information without doing anything like visiting EPF website, etc!

Thus, you must activate your UAN if you haven’t!

Get EPF Passbook From UAN Portal

UAN is the second name of convenience. By using it, you can download EPF Passbook anytime, anywhere!

This passbook contains all the following details regarding your EPF account:

        • Employee’s monthly contribution towards provident fund
        • Employer’s contribution towards provident fund
        • Employer’s contribution towards the pension scheme
        • Most recent EPF balance

Thus, passbook clearly indicates everything you need to know about EPF. We can say it is similar to a bank statement.

Getting the passbook is not a rocket science. The only thing you need to do is activation of UAN account.

You need to follow these steps to download EPF passbook:

        • Visit the official website of EPFO.
        • Log in using your UAN.
        • On the top, there is a tab named “Download”.
        • Click on the tab and choose the option of “Download Passbook”, That’s it.

Get EPF Passbook From Member Portal

Before the launch of UAN portal, the subscribers had to use EPF member portal to check the EPF balance. Just like above method, you can download EPF passbook from member portal. Honestly, this method is much easier!

It comes handy when you don’t have UAN or forget the login details of UAN portal. The only thing you need here is the provident fund number. Once you have it, just follow these steps:

        • In order to check the EPF balance, first, you have to complete the registration process. For this, you just need details of any KYC document.
        • Unlike UAN portal, it won’t ask for a password to log in. You can use KYC details and registered mobile number to log in.
        • Once you have successfully logged in, click on the tab “Download E-Passbook”.
        • The portal will generate the one-time password for authentication. You will get it via mobile
        • Just submit the authentication PIN and get the passbook!

Enquiry Via Missed Call

Frankly, we should applaud EPFO for its stunning services. Literally, this organisation has made the tremendous effort to make EPF accessible to everyone.

It is surprising to know that EPF inquiry is possible with EPF missed call service. Yes, all you need to do is give the missed call on designated number. In few moments, you will receive an SMS showing your current PF balance! The best part, it won’t cost a bit to you!

Here is the inquiry number to check EPF balance


Save it!

When you call on the above number, it will get disconnected after ringing twice. Within few moments, your mobile will receive an SMS having all details about your EPF account.

Precisely, SMS will feature details:

        • Your date of birth
        • KYC Status
        • Your UAN
        • Latest contribution
        • Current PF balance

The majority of people use this method to ensure whether your records are correct or not! In a case of conflict, you must contact authorities to rectify it!

EPF Inquiry Via SMS

A few years back, we never thought having access to EPF account details will be that easier. Instead of missed call, you can make the inquiry via SMS. It works just like missed call service. The only difference is that you can know about balance in your own language. Isn’t amazing?

For this, you just need to be careful about a format of the SMS!

The format of SMS:


Designated Number:


You can receive SMS in following 10 languages:

        • English
        • Hindi
        • Punjabi
        • Telugu
        • Marathi
        • Gujrati
        • Malayalam
        • Kannada
        • Bengali
        • Tamil

EPF Mobile App

EPFO has one agenda that every employee should have instant access to EPF account. That’s why the organisation unveiled its official mobile app. This app does it all for you!

EPF mobile app

As its prime feature, it tells each and every detail about your EPF account. Moreover, you can register for UAN using EPF app. Apart from employees, this app is useful for employers and pensioners too!

An employer can know about PF contribution status using the app. While the app will show EPF pension status to the pensioners!

App it available at EPFO official website and Google play store!

You must have an activated UAN and registered mobile number in order to check PF balance status via an app. If you don’t have UAN, don’t worry! With EPF App, you can have one!

Link to download EPF balance checker mobile app for Android: App link

How to Check EPF Balance Online

EPF Balance Inquiry Infographic

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This method of checking PF balance is the oldest one! It has become redundant but still Google will suggest it when you hit for PF balance check!

In this method, you provide the PF membership details on a dedicated page of EPFO for PF balance check. The web page asks for the mobile number and PF number. The information will be forwarded to your phone. With this method, you’ll get information about employee & employer’s contribution and pension amount!

To check PF balance online, please repeat following steps:

  • Visit the official web page to know your EPF balance.
  • At the bottom of the webpage, you will see “Click here to know your EPF balance”
  • It will then redirect you to a webpage where you will be asked to choose the appropriate state. Choose the EPFO office that is regulating your account.
  • A list of EPF office names will appear on the screen. Choose the correct EPF office name.
  • Next, provide your PF Account number. Enter the exact name as it appears in the EP slip
  • If your account does not own an extension, leave the field blank.
  • Enter your registered mobile number.
  • Read the term and conditions and mark the ‘I agree’ button and submit
  • Once you have submitted the details successfully, you’ll get the SMS with all necessary details!

If you have made any wrong entry, you can reset it and again re-enter the details and check.

Note: EPF balance is not updated on a regular basis. Depending upon region to region, it may vary. Some provident fund balance is updated only once a year. In that case, you may see the old EPF balance. Below it, the last updated date will be there.

Things To Remember

Undeniably, the latest technology has made the life easier. Today, tracking, maintenance and checking the EPF balance is much easier than a few years back. Within few clicks, you can have all the information you want!

But still, you need to keep few things in mind before checking EPF balance:

        • If you are trying to download passbook from EPF member portal, please remember that one mobile number is valid for one EPF account only. For multiple accounts, you have two options; either get multiple mobile numbers or transfer the PF balance to the current account. In fact, this compulsion of mobile applies to all methods. The rule of thumb is that one number for one account only!
        • A member of portal can have access up to 10 EPF balances
        • While doing registration, you can add multiple ID numbers. So, in case you need to present identity proof, you can use any of them!

Why Should You Check EPF Balance Regularly?

Provident fund is your retirement corpus. For the sake of your own financial security, you must keep a tab on your employee provident fund account. The majority of people use EPF balance during tough times or post-retirement affairs. In either case, you need money. If you are not tracking your account, you can never know if it is growing or not. Sometimes you may forget to pay contribution or your employer skipped making the deposit. In short, it is your responsibility to keep track.

In future, you may need to take the loan against your EPF account. That won’t be possible unless you know about your current balance, as the loan will be based on it!

If you have switched to new job or company shuts down, that will be problematic if you have no idea about your account!

Is EPF Balance Less Than Anticipation?

In some cases, when you check the EPF balance, that may not be up to your expectation or calculation. Well, that is possible due to following reasons:

        • As mentioned above, the employer is entitled to pay an equal amount of contribution for your EPF account. But that’s not true, 8.33% of that contribution will be transferred to pension account. Rest of the sum will be added to your account. This can be a major reason why balance seems less. A majority of people does not take this fact into consideration and get panicked.
        • Another primary reason for conflict is that contribution amount gets changed with salary increments. You may be calculating the balance by current contribution rate. While in your earlier years at a job, you may be paying less amount.
        • Sometimes, you may not get the updated EPF balance info till present date. In past, EPFO used to provide update information at the end of the year. But today, you will receive absolutely updated insights about your account!
        • Sometimes, people make partial withdrawals but totally forget about it. This can be a reason for less EPF balance. Did you take any loan?

Transfer The EPF Balance, Avoid Withdrawal

As said earlier, when you need to move to the new job, you can simply transfer the old EPF balance to a new account. In past, you had to withdraw the balance. Fortunately, we living in good time!

Transfer of balance has tonnes of benefits. For instance, your balance has been built because of compounded interest on it. Higher the previous balance, more handsome will be the interest earned.

On your new job, you have to start from zero if you go for withdrawal. On the other hand, If you choose to transfer, you can enjoy the compounded benefits without losing the money. Moreover, you will also retain the previous pension benefits. We can see this will be the compounded dose of EPF!

And the best part, you can transfer the funds offline or online, as per your needs!

The bottom line is that we have discussed seven different ways of checking EPF balance. If you are regulating one, you must track it on a regular basis for your own safety! In case you got a better opportunity at a new job, prefer transfer of EPF balance instead of withdrawal!